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Beginning of the project and introduction

Many know, how once you get a small idea, and start to write it down, it explodes and grows as you make it.

BusinessMan is a game where this happened. The original idea was to make a small mall-simulation game, but once I had started to write some code, I just wanted to start adding this and that and now I'm making the game I always dreamed of. Already when I had only started to make the code, I decided, that I wanted to make a business-game, because all the business-simulators I had played before were too narrow and limited, lacking realism.

My project then finally had it's true spark in October 2014. I simply started by researching about everything possible. I made my tools and started working on Unity. I made small simulations of stock exchanges and looked at the data. I interviewed everyone I knew who knew something about being an entrepreneur, what the obstacles and problems were, and which were the rewarding things. This then introduced general economic situation and taxation.

Info about the BusinessMan-game

In BusinessMan, you are one entrepreneur amongst others. Make investings and try to gain reputation, reliability and fame to your products. Make the worlds best phones or beds. Make ethical livestock refinement and keep the pollution low as possible.

Every move a player does in the game affects the environment. If your company starts losing money, you'll have to fire employees which directly impacts the economical situation, which then again make a dent in sales and products stay on the shelves, which then again forces you to make budget cuts. So be cautious, not to grow too big before you have figured the inner workings of the economy.